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Strong, ambitious, energetic, passionate and always smiling. Mariola Monczak, Pod Papugami’s Chef loves to cook. She has been associated with our Restaurant for 19 years and has been a Chef for 7 years. She took first place in the Culinary Rally of Champions and qualified for the final of the Polish Culinary Cup. She has held an internship at the prestigious Paul Boucuse Institute in Lyon and takes an active part in all social activities related to cooking, cooking or promoting healthy eating.

Seasonality, quality and passion – these three words fully describe her cuisine.

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Mariola Monczak

Seasonal menu

Seasonal menu


Creamy chicken soup • 24 PLN
mussels, coffee oil

Tapas & small plates

White bean pate • 22 PLN
scraper liver, Madeira sauce, aillade sauce

Piglet in jelly • 32 PLN

porous winegret sauce, bread


Meatballs with sawnut • 36 PLN
artichoke sauce, vege demi-glace, vegetable salad (leek, spring onion, peas, Brussels sprout leaves, Roman lettuce, winegret sauce)

Mac & Cheese • 38 PLN

grandine pasta, vege demi- glace, vegetable chips, vegetable salad (leek, spring onions, peas, Brussels sprouts leaves, Roman lettuce, winegret sauce)


Duck breast • 54 PLN
puree with jerusalem artichou, coffee sauce, ginger, cardamom, jerusalem artichoic chips, warm vegetable salad with beurre fondu sauce

Veal • 64 PLN

mashed green vegetables, cabbage in champagne, truffle oil, warm vegetable salad with beurre fondu sauce

Costume steak (moon fish) • 68 PLN

jerusalem articho puree, grapefruit chilli sauce, warm vegetable salad with beurre fondu sauce


Warm vegetable salad • 12 PLN
navy beans, purple beans, thinner, purple potatoes, topipperbur, scorpion, Brussels sprouts leaves, beurre fondu sauce


Pate a choux • 20 PLN
0 craquelin crumble cake stuffed with vanilla cream, served on semi-liquid hot chocolate