Enjoy the party atmosphere on Friday and Saturday nights as our professional Djs spin selected vinyls.

A DJ evening at Pod Papugami is the perfect warm-up to “weekend night fever”.


Szymek is a music lover who has lived in Wrocław for 10 years. He collects vinyls. During his 15-year DJ adventure he has matured musically, creating a huge music library and has an interesting technique of combining sounds. He has played at hundreds of events - from light jazz sounds to groove funk, rap, disco and stronger sounds straight from Detroit. A member of the legendary collective Step Ahead, he has played alongside interesting artists from both Poland and abroad.
He regularly plays in Wroclaw clubs, always surprising with his positive energy and an interesting selection of songs.



Ernest Dec a.ka. Er-J is also excited about vinyl records. He is fascinated by multidirection in music. He loves playing funk, afro beat, disco, jazz, soul and rap. He ran a record store for several years. He is a professional photographer, one half of the Piqsell Studio duo.


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