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Strong, ambitious, energetic, passionate and always smiling, Mariola Monczak, the chef at Pod Papugami, loves cooking. She has worked in our restaurant for 19 years, becoming the Head Chef 7 years ago. She won the Culinary Champions Rally and qualified for the finals of the Polish Culinary Cup. She completed an internship at the prestigious Paul Bocuse Institut in Lyon and takes an active part in all social activities related to cooking and promoting healthy nutrition.

Seasonality, quality and passion - these three words describe her cuisine.

seasonal menu - October / November 2019


Benedictine soup 22 pln

beef and mushroom broth, dumplings, poached egg


Burgundy snails 36 pln

polish snails Helix Aspersa Muller, herb butter, beurre blanc sauce, bread

Rabbit terrine 28 pln

confit rabbit meat, quince puree, marinated pumpkin, green tomatoes, pickled apple, kite powder

Vegan roast 26 pln

chestnuts, nuts, quince puree, marinated pumpkin, green tomatoes, pickled apples


Tagliolini sepia 42 pln

polish snails Helix Aspersa Muller, chorizo, pumpkin, tomatoes, beuree blanc sauce

Main dishes

Vegetarian Shepherd’s pie 36 pln

seasonal vegetables, black lentils, baked creamy mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese

Rabbit leg 56 pln

cream sauce, short fermented cucumbers, gratin potatoes

Wild boar tongue 42 pln

wild board cauce, baked leek, quince puree, pickled apples, armillaria, gratin potatoes

Confit goose breast 64 pln

saffron pear, demi-glace goose sauce, gratin potatoes

Gentry dish with goose and snails 62 pln

confit goose breast, Polish snails Helix Aspersa Muller, buckwheat pancakes, snail caviar, crème fraîche


Truffle noire 24 pln

chocolate and truffle sponge cake, refreshing quince mousse, cream with nuts and chestnuts, chestnut meringue

Vegan roast
Rabbit terrine
Burgundy snails
Rabbit leg
Confit goose breast
Gentry dish with goose and snails
Truffle noire

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